Artwork and Labelling

Getting your product information to stand out and remain compliant is a difficult balance.
We can help you make sure your labelling is ready to launch.

Taking account of any national requirements, we can continue to support you to ensure that the artworks do not deviate from those approved by the competent authorities and are aligned with the latest regulatory standards.

We can also offer advice on promotional claims for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, so you can convey the message you need to consumers in a compliant way.

Case Study


A client, with a portfolio of mainly Centrally Authorised Drug:Device combination products wished to ensure that updates to the product information were properly reflected in packs destined for the UK and Ireland, as well as ensuring that the local “Blue Box” requirements were adhered to.


JensonR+ reviewed mock-ups that had been amended to reflect these changes and ensured that the changes were implemented correctly and that the artworks had not inadvertently added or omitted information and that packs continued to meet local requirements.


In addition to the client ensuring the continuing compliance of their artworks JensonR+ has been able to support the client throughout Brexit and the evolving changes to artwork requirements for their “Grandfathered” GB MAs, offering pragmatic advice to ensure continued compliance across the UK.

Our experienced team can ensure not only the accuracy of your artwork but also employ their knowledge to identify elements that should be considered within your artwork; elements that a simple comparison of the text against the artwork would not highlight.

JensonR+ can also help by making the necessary regulatory submissions, along with offering guidance and insight following any legislative changes to artwork requirements.

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