Product Life Cycle Management

JensonR+ Product Life Cycle Management service ensures the regulatory compliance of your product throughout its lifetime. As regulations and circumstances change, we can help mediate and manage this, to reduce the risk to your product.
Product Life cycle Management

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Product life cycle management can be defined as the process of managing the entire life cycle of a product all the way from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.

Medicines that have been put on the market will change over time and this process must be managed as it moves through its successive stages. The main aims of Product Life Cycle Management are to reduce time to market, reduce costs, improve quality and optimise processes.

Attention to the life cycle management is an important component of any regulatory submission strategy. Not only is this process used to keep the medicine dossier compliant and up to date, it’s also the most efficient way to submit document changes. Furthermore, it will ensure the health authority has quick access to all the most current documents and related information for an application in one place.

We understand the lifecycle management “best practices” that help to streamline the submission process, avoid future rework and reduce confusion caused by duplicate documents.

Product life cycle management is applicable to all types of licensing: National, Mutual Recognition, Decentralised and Centralised Procedures. With our extensive local knowledge, both in-house and as part of the regulanet® network, we can provide support for all European markets for any regulatory lifecycle activities.

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