Promotion and Launch

There are many challenges and obstacles when it comes to product launch. JensonR+ have a proven track record in overcoming these hurdles to achieve the successful promotion of your products.

We provide both regulatory review and medical certification services for promotional materials through our review team. Where our reviewers act as signatories for your products, these can be lodged on your behalf with the appropriate authorities.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of medicines (prescription and Over-The-Counter), medical devices, cosmetics, and food supplement advertising legislation.
We also understand the value of effective promotion; therefore we support your creation of materials geared to commercial success which remain legally and code compliant.

promotion and launch

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Considering market access in other parts of the world? We can offer you local country support through our global network, regulanet®

  • Materials are checked for technical accuracy and compliance with current legislation and the pharmacy industry codes.

  • Materials are assessed to the highest standards by our experienced reviewers.

  • We can review your promotional literature, advise you on campaign strategy and key messages.

  • Smooth the path to regulatory approval by pre-vetting materials.

  • We are experienced in using customised databases and logging systems to control advertising and promotional activities.

Examine & Certify:
  • We provide a medical examination and certification service with formalised sign-off, in line with the requirements of industry codes.

Case Study


A client familiar with cosmetics advertising but new to promotion of prescription medicines required support to prepare for the launch of their newly acquired Marketing Authorisation (MA). They had little expertise in this area and needed support to ensure their materials and events not only complied with the industry codes and legislation, but also that their materials stood out in a highly competitive market environment.


The first step was to work with the client to understand their journey, target audience and where they wanted to drive their campaign. We looked at multiple approaches to promote their product, each undergoing a full regulatory and medical review with certification. Once the materials were both compliant and aligned with the clients’ needs, we supported the client with registration and implementation of the materials.


The client was reassured with the experience and knowledge we could provide. By remaining compliant they were able to align with industry codes and legislation, maintaining the company’s reputation and the standards associated with their product. Materials were reviewed and certified in good time and promotional activities could be introduced rapidly.

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