Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA(H)) Set Up and Application

Our highly experienced GDP team provides quality leadership and RP/RPi expertise to support clients seeking to obtain a WDA(H) in GB or a WDA in ROI and has a proven track record of delivery.

We can conduct GAP assessments and provide a robust project plan.

We can build your Quality Management System in compliance with GDP and aligned with business model/operations.

We can also conduct mock inspections to support the preparations, as well as compile and submit the application, and act as the quality lead during the initial inspection.

We can offer RP and RPi services on a temporary or ongoing basis. This includes naming RP/RPis on the WDA(H)/WDA, training in-house personnel to become RPs/RPis and/or supporting during the RP/RPi recruitment selection process.

Wholesale Distribution Authorisation
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