Sustainability in Food Supplements

A wide variety of speakers shared their thoughts on the topic of sustainability in relation to food supplements at Biocity Nottingham 06 Nov 2019. The first speaker, Roy Cox of Wrap UK, dispelled urban myths around plastic bottle tops – always put them back on the bottle – they prevent bottle blowing around recycling unit and the shredding/density separation process ensures the plastic is fully recycled. The second was around that all plastics are bad. Its a balance between food waste and consumer needs/wants – his take home message – a world where plastic is valued. Dr David Gray, University of Nottingham, explained the value in waste pea vines post harvesting, as a source of omega acids and minerals and how these can be extracted with relative ease and be part of a circular economy. Extracting value from eggshells – a source of pure calcium carbonate – was a personal journey that Andrew Stacey from Avgo Biotech shared and one that value can only be extracted from waste if the waste products can be utilised. Terry Young from Chrysalis Health and Beauty, a local manufacturer of supplements used an example of a omega 3 oil capsule and how they have been able to develop a  product for a client, replacing elements to match with a desire for a sustainable product and pack. A new source of blister packaging to the audience was debated within the meeting.

Finally the session was concluded with thoughts and insights from Nick Bennett from Brunel Healthcare and the steps they have taken to reduce waste, reduce packaging and look for alternatives within their supply chain.

This free to attend event was held as part of the INSTILS programme – a project part funded by the European Regional Development Fun. Click here to be redirected to further information about the project.