Sustainability & Recruitment

As I am currently recruiting for a couple of roles, I thought I would share with you some of our collective thoughts on sustainability within the Nottingham office of JensonR+ Limited. Our little recycling corner has grown since I started in April 2019 and its not just down to me, but the like-minded people I work with.

We have always recycled packaging (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles) that we can through normal recycling waste collection, but that still leaves so much more to consider. Initially batteries, and tin foil were collected and taken to be reprocessed. Soon crisp packets and pens were added to the list.

Then in 2019, within my network we had an excellent speaker, Roy Cox from the UK Plastics Pact talking at one of our food supplement networking events, about sustainability, sponsored by Medilink Midlands. The Plastics Pact, led by WRAP, is the first of a global network of Pacts, enabled by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy.

This philosophy resonated with us and we have made more small steps. Soft plastic packing, bottle tops, contact lens packaging, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, tetrapaks and other foil packs have been added to the list. It feels good to make a contribution to a path to sustainability and reduce the amount of waste, going to landfill and not re uses the resources we have.

Janet Worrell