The 22nd regulanet® conference

regulanet® conference
International collaboration forms the core of regulanet®. It was also the focus of the 2023 regulanet® conference hosted by Regenold in Badenweiler, Germany.

Being a lead member of this global regulatory network – of independent consultancies spanning 90 countries – allows us to support our clients with tailored solutions to international challenges.

Founded by Dr Jürgen Regenold in 2001, initially the network had a regulatory focus, but today also encompasses development, market access and lifecycle management.

For international and multi-country projects, we have access to:

  • a global pool of shared expertise
  • on the ground knowledge, resource, and experience
  • local advice and assistance
  • end-to-end project management

For complex projects, we provide a single point of contact and coordination.

Janet Worrell
JensonR+ Associate Director, Regulatory

“Within this trusted network, I can ask and understand the national interpretation from guidance from Turkey to Finland. The trust within the network is central to our collaboration. Never a chore to network at these events.

Putting the capital ‘N’ in Networking

The regulanet® conference is an integral part of our calendar year. Our Barnstaple, Nottingham and Ireland offices were well represented by our CEO, a director, regulatory associate director and team members.

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet with our international counterparts in person and this year was no exception with 120 participants representing 43 companies. As the past few years have shown more than ever, meeting in person is irreplaceable. These events strengthen network links, improving services to clients through smoother collaboration.

Mihai Inceu
Senior Regulatory Officer

“I, as a food regulatory expert, was curious to meet other members with focus on this type of  service within our network, to build a closer relationship which could lead to further flexibility, greater responsiveness and overall collaboration in future projects.

We brought home new energy, focus, ideas and even more willingness to reach out to the network and provide truly global services to our clients, being able to count on our partner’s expertise, flexibility and responsiveness.” 

Links were further strengthened by the exchange of information and ideas through intense discussion, workshops, brainstorming and included partner presentations on regulatory intelligence and trends, digital therapeutics, and market access.

Both Mihai and Ben Smith, Regulatory Manager, presented on ‘Brexit – Current Challenges and Opportunities in the UK.’

Building on what we have

Network growth, expertise and capabilities were discussed, and the next steps planned for increased collaboration.

We came away looking forward to an exciting future.

 A huge thank you to Regenold GmbH and to our regulanet® partners for another fantastic conference!