Thank you

This is a very short post to say thank you to Medilink EM colleagues for making today fun and forcing the technology to bend to our will rather than cause chaos. In particular I would like to thank  my associate, Greer Deal from Global Regulatory Services, for her time and energy this morning at the Medilink EM webinar on CBD. Greer and I enjoyed discussing your questions and thinking what it means for you as organisation looking for solutions in this complex web of Brexit, Novel Foods and potentially narcotic regulation. We will be looking to compile a consolidated response to the questions raised, which will be circulated to those who registered/attended today.

You may not have been aware that we took the innovative step today to start to use the audience participation feature, permitting you to ask questions directly to the panel. Thank you Alex Campbell from Nutrivitality for being an excellent guinea pig in that respect. On a gloomy day in Nottingham it was delightful to receive this. Greer and I are smiling broadly. The virtual networking can work.

The best bit – receiving the feedback.

Just wanted to say thanks for such a fantastic presentation and discussion, short and sweet but super informative.

David Ridley
Senior Editor, HBW Insight  


Janet Worrell