Women’s Health – A Holistic Approach

World Menopause Day saw JensonR+ partnered with Medilink Midlands for our Food Supplements Special Interest Group. This in-person event was dedicated to how nutrition and supplementation can impact women’s health.

Janet Worrell, our Head of Regulatory, gave a brief overview of female health supplements; this was followed by presentations from industry experts.

Collagen:  Research, Regulation and Opportunities

We had an interesting presentation about collagen, the science behind it, and what the future might hold from Esther Mills-Roberts from the HFMA.

We heard two fantastic personal stories.

Ferritin:  Unmet Needs and Solutions

One of these personal stories was from George Donnelly, CEO of HemoGAD, on his battle with haemochromatosis and the efforts to raise awareness. He also spoke of the need for change on how it’s treated and diagnosed in the NHS.

The Holistic Pharmacist – a holistic approach to perimenopause and menopause. How functional testing, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle factors can help balance hormones and ease symptoms

Jolanta Borkowska took us through nutrition and lifestyle and her personal story on how she navigated her way through the menopause.

There was a solid turnout for a great subject during Menopause Month. We will be continuing our partnership with Medilink to bring discussion of new topics to the forum.

This free-to-attend event was held as part of the INSTILS programme and was open to all.