World Cancer Day 2023

With World Cancer Day taking place over the weekend, we are encouraging our colleagues to sign up to the 21 Days to Impact Challenge committing to:

  • Improve their personal health
  • Eliminate Cervical Cancer
  • Educate themselves and speak out about the inequities that exist in accessing cancer services

A fantastic initiative from the World Cancer Day organisation, each challenge gives lessons, challenges or guidance to help learn and raise awareness about cancer and closing the care gap.

Regulatory Consultancy

We are linking up with a local charity, ChemoHero, to help pack boxes for their initiative to support chemotherapy patients with a care box when they attend their first session of treatment at North Devon District Hospital. This is in line with our JensonR+ Connected – Giving Back scheme where we promote participate in volunteering to our employees, with paid time away from their working hours allowing them to support causes they hold dear to them.

Working in the pharmaceutical sector means we are in a prime situation to push awareness and knowledge around these issues to colleagues, friends and family and offering as much support as we can as a company.