Celebrating World Health Day and assisting our clients to support better health

World Health Organisation’s birthday

On 7th April, the  World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates 75 years of improving public health, whilst motivating action for today and tomorrow’s health challenges. As part of the United Nations, WHO leads global efforts to expand universal health coverage.

World Health Day WHO 75 years image

The right to health as a basic human right is one of its key messages. WHO strives to achieve this by connecting countries, people, and partners, bringing together 194 countries. They are on the frontlines in over 150 locations. This is key to their efforts to fight against health challenges from emerging epidemics (such as COVID-19) to communicable diseases like malaria.

The continued supply and discovery of medicines is key to WHO’s mission.

Supporting our clients

To promote better health through simplifying the journey from innovation to the marketplace

This is the JensonR+ mission.

From early product development to the manufacturing, distribution and continued monitoring of the product, patient safety is at the heart of every step in the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. Here’s an overview of the roles our departments play in supporting our clients to support better health.